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7943 Buffalo Road
Harborcreek, PA 16421

  Tel: 404-452-4552
  Fax: 404-462-2486

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  • 1500+ Perfume/Fragrance Oils including designer, traditional and imported scents
  • 250+ Incense (imported from India and Japan in stick form)
  • Resin (Rock) Incense, Charcoal and Censors
  • Incense Accessories (ashcatchers, ashcatcher boxes, and smoking bottles)
  • Oil Diffusers/Burners in a variety of styles and colors (ceramic, glass, metal and soapstone)
  • Unscented tealight Candles
  • Raw African Shea Butter


7943 Buffalo Road
Harborcreek, PA 16421

Tel: 404-452-4552           Fax: 404-462-2486


We accept Discover, MasterCard, Visa and American Express. PayPal invoicing available upon request


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